Traitor tester 3d model and prefab

An asset created for “ttt_forest_river” and released publicly. For use in the Source engine.

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“Traitor testers” are a important part of the “Trouble in terrorist town” gamemode (from Garry’s mod). They represent devices that players walk into to show other players if they are “innocent” or a “traitor.” They are generally crudely made by level designers, often looking ugly and having limited functionality. That is why I decided to carefully model a interesting tester and build a level prefab with full functionality that I released for everyone to use.


  • A fully modeled traitor tester (door, main body and remote console)
  • A physical instructions booklet for use as a fetch quest to start the tester
  • A .vmf file featuring full traitor tester functionality logic (startup, testing and sabotage functions) that can be easily copy-pasted into any map

The model itself is very high quality. I built it to look like a serious contemporary device following recent trends in hardware design. The materials utilize phong shading to produce interesting visuals in any lighting situation. It is also very optimized, featuring lod models and material lods.