Octagon study

A relatively simple study and/or prototype involving a octagon-shaped structure.


Hallways with windows looking at the inner courtyard

This prototype was created while I was trying to come up with more interesting structures that could be made into Source engine maps. In a traditional game engine such as Source the level designer is often technically limited in terms of building complexity. Most often this translated to very uninteresting floor plans that eventually become repetitive.

When creating the octagon building I aimed to fully break free from those restrictions and create a original environment that pushed the limits of acceptable floor plan complexity in an older game engine. To achieve this I had to carefully plan the structure so all of its vertexes would remain on the power of 2 grid that all Source maps are built on. I also utilized instances Рthe structure is composed of 4 pairs of instanced objects which makes altering the structures basic layout somewhat simpler.


Full structure

This original layout would work best as a Half Life 2: Deathmatch or Trouble in terrorist town (Garry’s mod) level, as it could potentially create game play situations that simply don’t exist in some of the more traditionally built maps.

The structure makes great use of the Source engine’s great static lighting abilities that enabled me to light the interior purely using bounced ambient lighting.



I still haven’t completely dismissed the possibility¬†of making this into a actual level, but at the moment I have no plans to do so. Both the compiled map and .vmf files are unreleased.


Inner courtyard