Prison Cell Scene

Another tiny map created for a competition on the Facepunch forums’ mapping section.


View – as seen through the prison cell window

The competition’s single goal was to create a level where the player had to examine a scene by looking through a window. The competition didn’t specify anything else – no theme or size guidelines. I decided to create a very small, dark and depressing prison cell with a window that allowed the player to look upon a beautiful rural town in the distance. Thus, scene_prisoncell was created.


Prison cell interrior

This map is built around contrast. Imprisonment is represented by this dark and claustrophobic cell while absolute freedom is shown as a wide open, peaceful rural landscape.

The map won 4th place (shared with another entry) in the competition. If I remember correctly the first version of the map didn’t include all of the detailed scenery outside of the window. Later on I modified it (presumably finishing the landscape) and released it on the Garry’s Mod Steam Workshop.

The map uses assets from Half Life 2 (made by Valve – licensed for use in Garry’s Mod) and from the Resistance and Liberation mod (owned by their respective authors – used under “Fair use”).


Prison cell – another angle