Monastery scene

scene_monastery is a very small, scenic environment made for a level design competition on the Facepunch forums’ mapping section.


Center area

The competition’s goal was simple: create an interesting environment that would encompass an area of 512 units (Source Engine units – real world scale to Source units is controversial, default wall height in Source is 128 units) in both width, length and height.

I chose to create a typical compact monastery courtyard, which allowed me to make full use of the Source Engines superb lighting capabilities when it comes to non-organic shapes. The simple stone textures and relatively complex geometric shapes create a nice play of sharp shadows and highlights in the center areas and also diffusely lit the side corridors without any need for artist-added “fake” bounce lighting.


2nd floor corridors – lit by direct and bounce lighting

Some time after the competition I released the map on the Steam Workshop in a slightly modified form. Several versions have been added featuring various foliage and some small fixed have been implemented.

Map was created using assets from Half life 2 (owned by Valve Corp. – licensed for use in Garry’s Mod) and foliage assets from the Resistance and Liberation mod (owned by respective authors – used under “fair use”)


“Spring” version