As a long-time player of the popular Zombie Survival game mode (in Garry’s Mod) I eventually decided to make a map for it. This is my first released multiplayer map and certainly my most popular map.


Really nice piece of work here, plenty of potential barricading spots and no places to be considered easy. The overall house is well created and detailed.


The map is not complicated or revolutionary. Its a traditional Zombie Survival house map featuring a medium-to-large sized house in the middle and some surrounding landscape.


Interior – main part of the building – 2nd floor

A good Zombie Survival map has some basic requirements: all rooms should be accessible from at least 2 openings, there should be no long hallways without openings and there should be plenty of physics props the humans can use to build barricades with. The interior of last_mansion was designed with these requirements in mid.

I’m proud of the maps visual aspect. I aimed to portray a late sunset setting – something quite original because most zombie survival maps are set at nighttime. The shadowed outside areas and darker interiors provided a good horror-like setting that isn’t set at night.


Interior – 1st floor bathroom

The map was eventually picked up by the creator of another very successful game mode – Stop it Slender – and included as one of the official maps. This gave the map a lot of publicity. Shown here is a youtube video (with 4,8 million views) showing the aforementioned game mode played on a modified version map (modified at runtime by the gamemode).



Interior – pool area


“Secondary building” – attic

The map ended up having 100.000 subscribers and 1000+ ratings on the Steam Workshop (before it had to be re-uploaded because of problems unrelated to the map itself)

The map was built using Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 assets (owned by Valve Corporation – licensed for use in Garry’s Mod) and a couple of assets from the Resistance and Liberation mod (used under “fair use”).

Current version of the map is “_v3” A changelog can be found in the links section.